vieri cervelli montel is a graphic and web designer and a musician


Francesca Gaza · Lilac for People

half German, half Italian, composer, singer, Francesca Gaza is one of the most brilliant musicians I know and I’m proud to the have designed the packaging for her beautiful debut album, as well as some promotional content for the release tour.

blossomed in 2019 as a bouquet of eight songs composed and arranged by Francesca and played with her octet Lilac for People (with an exception for the surprising and intimate version of the jazz standard I Get Along Without You Very Well), this homonymous debut album perfectly merges pop, jazz and chamber music.

for this delicate and dreamlike music, both contemporary and old-fashioned, I have chosen a modern serif font and a palette of four pastel colours. the eight tracks are divided in four groups, so that each couple of songs belong to a season of the year, represented by a unique colour.

⁄handlogic EP

⁄handlogic is an Italian experimental pop band I have co-founded and been a member of until 2016.

the four tracks contained in the debut EP are bittersweet songs influenced by jazz and r&b, adorned with electronic grooves and icy vocal harmonies.

while the glacially minimalistic disc label only displays a cool white background and an original logo, on the opaque-finished packaging the artwork renders the wintry aesthetic of the band’s sound with a few more elements creating a geometric building. lost into dimensionless white,  this odd house with transparent windows shows  an entire forest on the inside, with snow falling down on the frozen trees. the dichotomy between inner and outer, artificial and natural, known and unpredictable cease to have sense.


OMA · Osservatorio dei Mestieri d’Arte

born in 1991, Ossevatorio dei Mestieri d’Arte is an association based in Florence, Italy.

OMA runs a series of cultural and promotional activities aimed at protecting the heritage of art professions and supporting artistic craftsmanship through the knowledge, information, research and preservation of the identity of the territory

in 2019 I illustrated one of the covers of their trimestral magazine, with a work titled Conversion.

while invisible, the artisan’s hand is the bridge between material and idea, represented by leather and colour, respectively, and the means that makes this transformation possible. I have chosen to place handcrafts at the centre of these dichotomies and above all of the symbolic conversion from analog to digital, in the hope that the latter can become a precious resource for the artisan of the future.


Kieślowski’s Trois Couleurs

between 1993 and 1994 Krzysztof Kieślowski directed a trilogy named Trois Couleurs, made up of the movies: Bleu (Blue), Blanc (White) and Rouge (Red).

each film is inspired to one of the three words of the famous french motto liberté, egalité, fraternité (liberty, equality, fraternity) and has a palette in which the colour that names the movie is predominant.

each of the main female characters is designed using a circle: in the first poster I have chosen to put Julie on the edge of the deep blue, that represents both the depression she suffers from and the pool she swims in during several scenes of the movie. in the middle one I’ve reinterpreted Dominique’s greeting in the final scene, which I’m not going to spoil (: and in the last one I’ve reproduced the massive red street ad in which Valentine blows a bubblegum.

Sigur Rós  (  )

( ) is an album from Icelandic band Sigur Rós and one of my all-time favourites.

also known as Svigaplatan in Icelandic or The Bracket Album in English, it features eight tracks sung in a made-up language called Vonlenska (translated in Hopelandic), all named Untitled but numbered from #1 to #8 and with an appearance of Björk on #4.

inspired by Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi’s unbelievable sculptures, that look like monumental yet empty and fragile cages, I have decided to give this Icelandic masterpiece an alternate dress by recreating the iconic brackets of the original artwork, but this time only made of subtle wires floating into white.

the result is a cold and mysterious shape that shows the tangled connections generated by the encounter of the two brackets, which in my opinion have a strong symbolic value, representing what could be the beginning and the end of an event, two people facing each other, or both simultaneously.



I’m a 23-year-old musician and graphic designer from Florence, Italy.

I’m currently studying at Siena Jazz University and IED Istituto Europeo di Design.

Please feel free to contact me for any kind of collaboration.